The Farm


Strideaway is a small, family run farm located in the sunny Okanagan. Cathy and Steen Reggelsen oversee every detail of their boutique breeding operation and provide personal attention to every horse in their care.

Over the years Cathy and Steen have developed close relationships with a superb team of veterinarians, farriers, chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapists. That coupled with an extensive background in stallion handling and mare care the Reggelsens naturally have an excellent mare conception rate. 

Nestled among vineyards and orchards, Stride Away basks in the balmy sunshine of the North Okanagan. Situated minutes from the picturesque town of Armstrong, the farm boasts highly nutritious pastures and nearby hayfields yield award winning hay.

Located 4.5 hours from Vancouver and 6 hours from Calgary, Stride Away Thoroughbreds is central to both British Columbia and Alberta horse breeders.